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This is a thesis that has been prepared by Mira Rahma Hera, Student Identification Number 540170057, which is entitled in Indonesian:"Analisis Pengaruh Kinerja Keuangan Terhadap Pertumbuhan Ekonomi Dan Dampaknya Terhadap Provinsi Di Pulau Jawa".This study aims to determine the effect of regional financial performance on poverty through economic growth as a mediating variable. The population in this study were 6 provinces in Java for the period 2015-2020. This study uses the PLS-SEM (Partial Least Square- Structural Equation Modeling) model using the WRAP-PLS 7.0 application with measurements of the outer model test, inner model fit test, and variance accounted for (VAF). The results of the research on the ratio of regional independence and efficiency ratios have no effect on economic growth and the effectiveness ratio has a positive effect on economic growth. Economic growth has no effect on poverty. While the results of the indirect effect of economic growth variables do not mediate the influence of financial performance in the form of regional independence ratios and efficiency ratios to poverty and economic growth variables mediate the adverse effects of financial performance in the form of effectiveness ratios on economic growth


Regional Financial Performance Economic Growth Poverty

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Rahma Hera, M., Panjaitan, F., & Novika. (2021). ANALISIS PENGARUH KINERJA KEUANGAN TERHADAP PERTUMBUHAN EKONOMI DAN DAMPAKNYA TERHADAP PROVINSI DI PULAU JAWA. Jurnal Akuntansi Bisnis & Keuangan , 8(2), 63-69. Retrieved from