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This study aims to analyze competition between companies within an industry, find out the opportunities and threats for the succes of KFC BTC in Pangkalpinang and find out what factors are the strenghts and weaknesses for the succesof KFC BTC in Pangkalpinang. After conducting research throught interview with ten respondents who were selected as potential investors. From the resultsof the study, it was concluded that from the treat variables of new entrants, the highest threat came from the level of customer loyalty and how to meet capital requirements. Whereas from the threat variables from suppliers, the highest threat comes from the quality of suppliers products that are always constant. From the variable level of competition with competitors. On the side of the buyer bargaining power variable, official permission from product information provides the highest threat. And from the last variable, namely the substitute product threat variable, there is no threat that means the acquisition of KFC BTC profit.


Five Porter’s Forces Business Succes

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Agustin, P., Sitepu, S., & Oktalina, G. (2019). ANALISIS LIMA KEKUATAN PORTER TERHADAP KEBERHASILAN USAHA DI KFC (KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN) BTC (BANGKA TRADE CENTER) PANGKALPINANG. Jurnal Progresif Manajemen Bisnis, 6(5), 367-376. Retrieved from

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