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This study aims to determine and analyze the influence of variable services, promotions and product variations on sales volume.The population in this study is that consumers buy products at 300 tea ingredients.With a sample of 97 people withdrawal is done by using the Random sampling method .The type of data used is the primary data carried out by questionnaires and documentation studies as measured by the Likert scale.

Data analysis method used to analyze the effect of service, promotion, and product variation on sales volume is statistical analysis using JASP softwareUniversity Of Amsterdam .with a right hypothesis testing multiple regression analysis.

            The simultaneous test results (F Test) show that the independent variables (service, promotion, and product variation) have a significant effect on the dependent variable (Sales Volume).Partial Test Results (t test) shows that service, promotion, and product variations have a positive and significant effect on sales volume.


Service Promotion Product Variation Sales Volume

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