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The purpose of this study is to measure the simultaneous and partially, the Effect of Service Quality, Promotion, and Brand Image towards Customer Satisfaction.

Service Quality is an evaluation of the customer's long-term observation by delivering services in which the company provides and the price is one of the determining factors in brand selection related to consumer buying decisions. Location of service facilities is one of the crucial factors that influence the success of a service, because the location potential market service providers, feeling happy or disappointed in someone who appears after comparing the performance (results) of the product that is thought of the expected performance.

The data analysis used in this study is multiple regression analysis, and the result of the coefficient of determination (R2) is 0.753. In another word, it can be explained by 75.3% of the variation on Customer Satisfaction can be explained by variable Service Quality, Promotion, and Brand Image. The other factors which are 24.7% come from other factors outside off construction of this research. The results of the F-test obtained, where F-count 97.618 greater than F-table 2.70 on the significance of 0,000 <α (0.05). Thus, the hypothesis states that the variable Quality of Service, Promotion and Brand Image simultaneously has an ability to influence Customer Satisfaction. Based on the T-test that the variable Service Quality, Promotion, and Brand Image has an influence on Customer Satisfaction.


Marketing `Customer Satisfaction Promotion Brand Image Service Quality

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