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This research aims to identify and analyze the effect of service quality and satisfaction variables on customer loyalty. The method of data collection in this research is using the survey method with questionnaires. The population in this research is the customers of Indosat Unlimited in Depok. Based on the results of the analysis, it indicates that the service quality significantly influences customer loyalty, shown by the t significant value of 0.000 smaller than α 0.05 with the regression coefficient of 2.537. Service quality has a significant effect on customer loyalty indicated by the t significant value of 0.000 less than α =0.05. Service quality and satisfaction significantly influence the customer loyalty shown by F significant value of 0.000 smaller than α=0.05 and are able to contribute to the customer loyalty variables of 0.504 or 51.7%. The remaining 48.3% is influenced by other variables that are not examined in this research.


Customer Loyalty Service Quality Marketing Customer Satisfaction

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