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Organizational performance is the final result of work done to achieve organizational goals that have been set. Employee performance can be improved by providing a good example of a leader, motivating employees and always paying attention to employees at work. Leadership is an activity to influence the behavior of others so that they want to be directed to achieve certain goals. Motivation is the employee's response to a number of statements about the overall effort arising from within the employee so that the growing drive to work and desired goals can be achieved. This study aims to determine the effect of leadership, motivation, environment, work and work training on employee performance at PT. Sumber Cipta Multiniaga Pangkalpinang. The number of samples in this study were 75 employees which is also a sample of all populations in the company. Data collection techniques used were questionnaire techniques with Likert and interval scales. The data analysis technique used is multiple linear regression analysis. The multiple linear regression analysis test used in this study includes: partial test (t test), simultaneous test (F test) and coefficient of determination test (R2 / R Square). The results showed leadership, motivation, work environment and work training had a positive and significant effect on employee performance. Leadership improvement can be done by always providing guidance, input to subordinates, being able to overcome any problems at work, and also must have attitudes and responsibilities within the company.


leadership motivation work environment work training employee performance

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Rizki Samudera, D., Ahmad Agin, A., Ahmad Agin, A., & Panjaitan, F. (2021). PENGARUH KEPEMIMPINAN, MOTIVASI, LINGKUNGAN KERJA, DAN PELATIHAN KERJA TERHADAP KINERJA KARYAWAN (STUDI KASUS PADA PT. SUMBER CIPTA MULTINIAGA). Jurnal Progresif Manajemen Bisnis, 7(2), 75-82. Retrieved from

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